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On our journey we will absorb and internalize the Land of the Bible. I can promise you that following your trip, reading your bible at home will be a totally different experience.

Together we’ll learn about Israeli and Middle Eastern culture, with tours spanning diverse historical events: from museums of antiquities to contemporary Israel. We’ll combine adventure activities with visits to modern battle fields. We can include gourmet culinary experiences and wine-tasting, as well as the most fabulous falafel.

I’m happy to help you to build a custom-made itinerary according to your needs, and to handle accommodation and site bookings.


No one is more welcome than YOU!

See you soon, truly yours,

Your personal guide through The Holy Land.

Shalom, My name is Herzl Ein Eli and I am an authorized guide, licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism since 2006. I also have a chauffeur’s license, so that I am able to both drive and guide groups and families of any size.

Born and raised in Israel, I served in the IDF and was born again here. This gives me a deep familiarity with, and understanding of Israeli society, and a love for the Land and the people. I see myself as an ambassador of the State of Israel, with all its beauty, complexity and uniqueness.

I enjoy welcoming guests from all over the world, and love to guide both Christian and Jewish groups using the Scriptures. I specialize in guiding those who long to visit the Land of the Bible and to walk in the footsteps of its heroes: Patriarchs, Prophets, Kings and the greatest of all,

Yeshua the Messiah - Jesus Christ.

About Me

"Thank you to Herzl for being such a wonderful Tour Guide for our family (my husband and myself and our two children 11yrs and 14yrs). We visited Israel for the first time and were blessed to have Herzl with us for 7 days. He made it look so easy but behind the scenes he worked so hard to make our trip so special. His heart for the Lord, for Israel and for us was amazing. We loved his humour, his incredible knowledge and how he tailored our activities to suit us perfectly." - Jo Lattimore

Would love to put you in this frame!

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